LEMARA started operating in 2016, combining the abilities of specialists from several respective fields in order to satisfy the set demands of our customers. The core of our company is composed of specialists in several fields, with long-ranging experience in manufacturing and sales both in Lithuania and abroad. Our team is youthful and innovative, we thoroughly observe new developments in the market and continually strive to improve our services. We have a wide range of partners all over the world in various fields, which we‘re continuously expanding.  We aim to fulfill your orders quickly and reliably, while also providing quality service to our customers. We also strive to come up with the best price for our products and services.

Our key areas of operation are sale of non-standard, industrial metal manufactured products under individual orders, product design and planning. We also provide manufacturing consulting services.logo

We offer:

Fast and reliable fulfillment of your order;

Superb customer service;

Design calculations and consulting services;

Customer-oriented prices

Our specialists have long-term experience in the field of industrial manufacturing. Our company guarantees that your committed orders will be filled out carefully, attentively and professionally. We take full responsibility for the quality of our service.